• How do I pair my iPhone with my Mac?

    Download & install the free System Preference Pane. Open 'Presenter' on your iPhone; tap the Settings button; then tap 'Add Computer'. Enter this 4 digit passcode in the Presenter Preference Pane on your Mac.

    Make sure your Mac and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

  • What if I need to present where there is no Wi-Fi network or the existing network is too slow?

    Create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network on your Mac. Add your iPhone or iPod touch to your new ad-hoc network. Apple has published an easy-to-follow instructions about how to create an adhoc network with your Mac.

  • Help! I can't pair with my computer!

    Make sure your Mac OS X Firewall is not set to "Block all incoming connections". Either turn the Firewall off or "allow signed software to receive incoming connections".

    You can find these settings in System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall -> Advanced...

  • Why isn't my slideshow working in PowerPoint?

    Make sure your slideshow was created using Office for Mac's PowerPoint 2010 or 2008. Currently, importing other PowerPoint slideshows generated on Windows may produce unexpected results.

  • How do I get software updates?

    Click the "Check for Updates" button on the System Preference pane. Updates for the iPhone application will show up automatically on the App Store.

  • Where is the Snow Leopard version?

    It's here in version 1.5.1!
    Go get it from the App Store and be sure to update the System Preference pane on your Mac to the latest version of Presenter.

  • Why is there an Offline Mode switch in the Settings Panel?

    The Offline Mode is simply a way to show off Presenter to another person when you're not near a computer.

    Offline Mode contains 5 slides with Presenter Notes. When you quit Presenter, the Demo mode will reset to off.

  • I have an awesome idea for a cool new feature! Will you implement it?

    Cool! Send me an email with your idea, and I'll take a look!